Summer holidays have come and gone…

As a parent of a school age child it is refreshing to be back into the routine of the school term. Thoughts begin to turn to self assessment tax returns if you’re self employed, along with thoughts of booking next year’s summer holiday.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly how much tax you have to pay to HMRC? Then you can make a decision about the long anticipated summer vacation? If you use a bookkeeper to calculate and submit your tax return they will be forever grateful to receive your information in the autumn when there is no panic to get the data submitted. Bookkeepers loathe January! They hate the influx of late clients needing self assessment returns done in a rush. We also hate having to work over Christmas. Remember, your bookkeeper is human too 🙂

In addition, doesn’t it make you feel a rather smug sense of self satisfaction when you know that your return is submitted, the tax is paid and when everyone else is panicking in January you can sit back and relax, whilst anticipating your summer break?

A bookkeeper will ensure that you claim all applicable expenses and that your income is declared correctly. This means less likelihood of an HMRC audit. However if an audit is carried out there is far less chance of HMRC finding any discrepancies. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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