Payment terms

How would you feel if your employer told you they were going to pay your salary in 4 months’ time instead? For the next 3 months, no wage packet. Would you be unable to pay your mortgage? Looking at a bleak Christmas? Feeling powerless? Trust shattered?
Welcome to the world of a supplier being told to accept ‘120 days credit terms’. In a digital world where it is possible to pay within days, more big companies are forcing suppliers into waiting 4 months to get paid.
Let’s be clear. It’s bullying. And theft. They are taking goods and services, and withholding payment. They are stealing the interest the companies should have earned in those extra 3 months and using it to line their own pockets.
For small businesses, often with their own suppliers to pay, and a wage bill, this can be disastrous.
And we’re not talking about the Ryanairs and Sports Directs of this world. These are large global companies with huge CSR programmes claiming “fairness”, “community action” and “respect”, and probably running branded “entrepreneurship” programmes.
This is truly unethical and shameful, even if legal.
If this is your company, please raise a voice against it. Just ask the question…. “Why do we want to bully and steal from the suppliers who contribute to our success?”

From Liz Tinlin via LinkedIn

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